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Virtual Staffing

Increase people's accessibility!

In the current competitive environment, the virtual world has shrunk the way people interact with each other every day. From chatbots to virtual assistants, the world of possibilities is increasing and gaining momentum with every passing year.

When it comes to providing remote skill expertise, Mindreamers has become one of the most reliable virtual staffing service providers in Noida. With a streamlined approach to fulfilling requirements, the team brings a global flavor in hiring for skills across different industries.

Why virtual staffing?

The idea of having a virtual assistant to help with a problem has paved the way for a more lucrative hiring and engagement model called “virtual staffing”. As the world becomes smaller at the click of a button, the concept of having a flexible workforce is increasing every year.

Today, nearly 75% of employees want to seek an opportunity that involves giving them digital flexibilitywith their dedicated time and space. They want to work remotely, according to client specification, but at the same time enjoy the benefits of being independent.

Thanks to the rise in the Gig economy model and specialized freelancers, virtual staffing is slowly becoming part of our reality in many ways.

How does it benefit you?
  • Virtual staffing addresses the fundamental problem of infrastructure cost.
  • Easy interview process without paying for accommodation, travel or moving away from your budget.
  • Increased productivity and time to complete projects.
  • Better employee retention as it decreases time to travel to work, work-life balance and mental stress.
  • Increased value and efforts than unnecessary time spent in offices.
  • Reduced overhead costs

More than 70% of employees look for remote or virtual working options to leverage their time, skills and overall improvement.

How does Mindreamers help with virtual staffing services?

With emerging technology, investing in virtual assistants is the fundamental gesture for the businesses that lead to scalability and growth.

Hiring the right talent impacts your business and how you hire that talent makes a huge difference in today’s current dynamic market scenario.

With our virtual staffing services you-

  • Get access to top talent in different industries from any demography and geography.
  • Reduce your overhead costs by outsourcing your work to professionals who can deliver the right skill-set within your allotted timeline.
  • Get an opportunity to hire contingency-project staff to permanent hires to scale your business requirements.
  • Make the entire hiring process more cohesive and inclusive with the help of video conferencing, Skype calls or cloud conferences.
  • Easily collaborate with the best minds in the industry without incurring tremendous expenditure.
  • Focus on company goals and targets than worry about infrastructure cost.
  • Get a dedicated team that helps in the smooth transition of projects and deliverables.
Cost-effective and time-efficient

Virtual staffing allows not only the candidate but even you to explore flexible timings to make the hiring process much smoother.

  • Our strict deadlines help in meeting your TAT.
  • We provide you with cost-effective hiring solutions that do not bust your budget.
  • Constant communication from our team of experts who work as collaborators rather than plain recruiters.
  • Help in improving the sales of your organization by reducing your operational cost.
Are you looking for a great team that can help scale your business virtually? Be a part of this changing trend by exploring virtual staffing services with us today Contact Us