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Staff Augmentation

Hire Responsibly.!

Mindreamers is one of the top recruiting agencies globally. We support 360-degree solutions in permanent staffing, covering all the norms across the Industry.

Staff augmentation is one of the most powerful tools for the proper functioning of any organization. Recruiting talent is a very costly and time-consuming step that requires a lot of interviews, planning, execution and retention.

When you are a company that has specialized needs for special projects on a short-term basis, hiring permanent employees for a short duration may not be a viable option. This not only increases your overhead cost but also poses the next big question- what next?

Today’s changing staffing situation is pushing more companies into opting for project-friendly, cost-effective and sustainable recruiting measures. However, there is a constant challenge that poses you while making this informed decision.

  • Getting the right agency to partner with for all your specific requirements.
  • Lack of communication and understanding with your hiring partners.
  • Spending millions of dollars on different agencies catering to different recruiting needs, and not having only one.
  • Not having a sustainable plan of action to benefit you in the long run.

With a number of issues that still pose to be a problem for many companies, especially IT and Engineering, the demand today is to create a one-stop solution to drive growth.

Mindreamers has created a disruption in the way staff augmentation works with small, mid and large sized organizations. We help you with -

  • Creating a structured plan of action that allows you to understand your current and future hiring requirement.
  • Scoping the market for your on-going and future needs so that you have a pool of resources ready to be deployed almost immediately.
  • A team of dedicated staffing specialists who help you with negotiations, understanding the requirements and communicating effectively with the candidates.
  • We cater to different types of staff augmentation that includes traditional staffing, master vendor staffing, boutique consulting and staffing, gig platforms, on-demand talent, direct independent relationships,etc

Augmentation helps you to tackle the issue of employee engagement, retention and employment in a more sustainable and cost-effective manner. We help you to solve the eternal problem of high-cost recruiting by assisting you with your staffing endeavours more effectively. Connecting the dots to get a better team driven organization

We Assure you to get the right Combination of Skills and Talent!
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