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Top Habits of A Good Recruiter

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Recruitment is a Thankful Job. Being a Recruiter you are the Game changer. It is your job to walk the right candidate through the company’s front door.

While recruiting the best talent from the industry, you too are expected to be the best at your job.

The skill to become a great recruiter requires Grit, time, experience and perseverance. But several traits can be adopted right at the beginning to help you become a great recruiter and chart your professional journey.

Let us take a look at the top Habits of a good recruiter that can help you become more successful in your profession.

1. Best TAT

A successful recruiter strives for perfection in everything that they do. It does not mean compromising their mental and emotional stability.

Delivering requisitions on time is the key to establishing rapport within the organization and the client. Rational follow-ups, streamlining interview processes, communicating with the candidate at every step, making an offer and closing the position on-time, differentiate a Better from the Good.

Procrastinating about the position, overthinking about the candidate and not keeping your pipeline ready can slow the entire delivery process. This will end up affecting your TAT.

Be quick, focused and intuitive while handling any requirement to ensure that you, your candidate and your hiring manager go back happy at the end of the day.

2. Make a Connection

Recruiter’s are the Asset to any HR Consulting Company. While you are acting as a company’s advocate, there is always a way to make your candidate’s interaction more positive and connected. The Moment you get connected to the candidate via any means makes a huge impact on the Psychology.

Use your unique style of communication to understand the candidate and explain the requirement in Depth. The connection you make at the beginning of the process sets the tone for the entire process.

3. Perfect Your Search

Remember, as a recruiter, it is your job to ensure that the candidate is excited about the position as you are.

Getting your pitch and initial outreach perfected is the key to attracting the right talent and engaging them. You must send a message across that you are a company that values candidates, whether they are looking for a job at that particular moment or not.

Showcasing that you have reached the person with a lot of thought and not cherry-picked from 100 applications will get you a positive response.

It is the skill that can be perfected, with experience.

4. Proactive Approach

The biggest pet peeve for any candidate is a recruiter who never calls back. Imagine if you are a candidate and have been following up with your recruiter for the position updates. Will it not put you off to not get a response?

Imagine your candidature in the same shoes.

It is very important to be responsive to calls or emails in every profession, including recruitment. A good recruiter answers their calls, inquires about the call and takes necessary action if required. It will help you check a few things off your list and help you work a little more peacefully.

Using Calendly or Todoist or Google calendaris a great way to stay organized and be in touch with all the important aspects of the day.

It is good karma to treat the person the way you would want to be treated.

5. Be technology savvy

Modern ways of recruitment involve a lot of time exploring candidates on different online platforms. This is not restricted to only job boards or vendors or even direct emails. It involves scoping the tech space for places where you can find the best talent and connect with them. Always do the Due diligence before you start working on the Requirement.

Utilizing the potential of LinkedIn, Glassdoor reviews, etc. can go a long way in attracting the right talent. It is never enough to have the resumes for that particular job. A successful recruiter will build his/her pipeline for potential hires by maintaining their database or even giving cold calls if required.

Make the most of modern technology to leverage your standing as a great recruitment professional.

6. Know your business

If you want to attract the top talent from the industry, you need to know your industry, and your business. Knowing only about the position at hand or the department that you work for will not fetch you results in the long run.

It is important to know every aspect of your business/company before approaching any candidate. Monitor your company’s progress, stocks, growth patterns and strategic decisions. Be curious about how the company functions and what sets the company apart from the others. Employee centric approach.

Be communicative with the employees of the organization by asking the right questions about different aspects of the company. Stay on top of trends. Focus on the future as much as the present to get your business noticed.

It is a great way to build conversations with prospective candidates and be prepared in case an interested candidate wants to know more about the company and its business.

7. Build your Network

Today social media is more than just a great marketing tool. It is also a place to recruit top talent, build your company’s story and create a positive image of the team members.

LinkedIn is a great way to offer job postings, find potential candidates or even connect with ones for future openings. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can help you show off what it feels like to work for your organization. The fun and quirky parts can pave the way to attract talent from different industries.

Encourage your team members to showcase the positive ideas of working with the business. Candidates are smart to explore the company on different social media platforms before committing to an interview. This can go a long way in attracting the right candidate.

8. Make referrals work

Did you know that employee referrals can boost the hiring process by nearly 52%? This is in comparison with other mediums of recruitment such as job boards, Job Posting, vendors, direct hires, etc.

Employee referrals cost you a fraction of the cost to hire and make both parties happy. Instead of waiting for the employee to come to you, it is a good idea to approach the right employees to ask for referrals. This will not only step up the game but also ensure that the person being referred will at least have a good background score.

The quality of hires that come from employee referrals is much higher than you would get from any other platform. You are bound to get the right skill set for that particular job and maybe close the position much faster. You also reduce the attrition rate and increase the turnover rate over some time.

Make your referrals work. Make your referrals count.

9. Be a Team Player

Last, but not the least, collaborate with everyone in your team, including your hiring managers. It is very important to maintain a good rapport with your hiring managers, bosses, and even employees in the department to bring a change in the way recruitment functions.

A good recruiter will always make time for a little conversation to know his/her hiring manager better. Asking the right questions, discussing business, the scope of departments, positions, and even future openings is a great way to stir a conversation in the right direction.

Collaborating with hiring managers or other team members on projects can go a long way in helping you boost your career prospects.

By collaborating we are not emphasizing on ‘yessing’ the manager at every step. It involves understanding the process a little better with a little communication.

Get your hat out and make your workplace worth the journey.

Different recruiters have different passions and styles of working. It does not mean what works for one, will work for someone else too. However, following these tips may help streamline your passion and make this profession worth the investment.